International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 2, No. 12, December 2015 Pages: 1445 - 1455
The Effect of Financial Integration and Housing Price on Economic Fluctuations in D8 Member Countries
Elham Nagheli , Seyyed Mohsen Khalifeh Soltani
Corresponding author:
Global, financial and regional integrations for developing countries that are not prepared to enter free trade can be the most effective way for gradual opening of national economies in such countries and merging of them in the global economy. On the other hand, the construction and housing sector needs macroeconomic capitals for up-to-dating, investment and increased employment in this sector that can attract other countries' capitals given the integration among countries and reduction of technology transfer barriers in the region which is finally led to increased production. Four dependent variables and four models are employed in the present study. Economic fluctuations are adopted from different indices of the economic sector. In the last step, the results are compared with each other indicating the innovative aspect of this study. The effect of financial integration and housing price on economic fluctuations is explored in the current study via GMM method during the time period 2000-2013. Given the obtained results, housing price causes to stimulate production and increase economic fluctuations. Similarly, integration has a positive effect on increased economic activities.
Financial Integration, housing price, economic fluctuations.
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