International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 7, No. 6, June 2020 Pages: 342 - 362
Supply Chain Management for Agro Products in Bangladesh; Logistics Support for Capturing Market by Ensuring Balanced Distribution
Md. Abu Issa Gazi
Corresponding author:
Agro business, supply chain management (SCM) means reach agro products to the market in time. The future economic prosperity of Bangladesh depends largely on the prosperity of agriculture. And the success of agriculture depends on ensuring proper supply of agricultural products to the appropriate market. The study found that about 75% of the population of Bangladesh is engaged in agriculture as their source of income. The primary purpose of this study is to analyze the overall logistics support for agro products in context of supply chain management in Bangladesh. This research are used secondary method for analyzing data and information. The author critically reviewed the supply chain management system of PRAN Agro Business Limited which is the largest agro products producer in Bangladesh. The result reveals from the study that the agro products marketing in Bangladesh scrappy supply chain system, lack of transportation facilities, higher transaction cost, multiple market intermediaries, lack of awareness and several other socio-economic problems facing agro products supply chain management in Bangladesh. Effective supply chain management helps to secure better position in the competitive environment and improve the efficiency of the agribusiness organization. Therefore, current research suggests that marketing facilities should be improved for agricultural products, especially in rural areas.
Logistics, Agriculture, Supply chain Management, Marketing, Agro products
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