International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 9, September 2019 Pages: 655 - 671
Assessing the Impact of Leadership and Quality of Work Life on Employees Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Jiangsu University
Rehan Sohail Butt , Irfan Mir Chohan , Babar Ashraf Sheikh , Muhammad Babar Iqbal
Corresponding author:
This research aimed to focus on the influences of motivational factors (e.g., Leadership (LDSP), Quality of work life (QWLF) on the employees’ job satisfaction (EJS).A quantitative method was employed in the sample size of 211. The convenient random sampling technique was selected for data collection. Data was collected through a field survey by using a closed-ended questionnaire. The analysis was done on the structural equation model of partial least square. More specifically, techniques of bootstrapping and PLS Algorithm were used. The findings for this study is consistent with previous researchers, prove the direct relationship between LDSP, QWLF and EJS. The positive and statistically significant effects of motivational factors and employees job satisfaction. This study assists the executives from different departments of Jiangsu University. Furthermore, the study conclude with some brief views that the organization need to recognize the significance of good Leadership and Quality of work life for maximizing the level of employee’s job satisfaction. This study offers an advantage to the society, boosting the values in people to add more to their jobs and may help them in their personal growth and development. Hence, it’s essential for firms to inspire their employees’ to work hard for achieving the firm’s goals and objectives.
Quality of work life (QWLF), Leadership (LDSP) Employees Job Satisfaction (EJS), University, China
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